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Daniela Galindo


Daniela Galindo - Fertilidad Integral

First of all, Daniela is the mother of two beautiful girls. She has a degree in Nutrition from the Iberoamerican University and a master’s degree in Psychological Counseling. As a nutritionist, she has focused on finding areas where she can make a difference in her patients’ lives. When she became pregnant, she became interested in the close relationship between fertility and nutrition and realized that she could make a big difference from there. However, currently, there are few specialties focused on the subject, so self-taught and from workshops, conferences, diploma courses, and readings, she managed to consolidate herself as the great specialist she is.

From the connection between fertility and nutrition, Daniela wants to help improve the reproductive potential of all her patients. Good nutrition, for example, can help you have a better hormonal balance and quality ovulation. In addition, what you eat can affect the endometrium and uterine environment. But nutrition doesn’t just affect women’s reproductive health; diet also affects sperm quantity and quality. Eating better is something you can do as a couple.

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