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Luisa Fernanda Mariscal


Luisa Fernanda Mariscal - Fertilidad Integral

If anyone is prepared in perinatal genetics, it is Luisa. After studying medicine at the Universidad Anáhuac, she worked with Dr. José Alfonsó Gutierrez in a fertility clinic. For a year, Luisa grew, learned, and reaffirmed what she already knew: she is passionate about genetics with a focus on fertility. So, after finishing the year, she continued on her path to becoming the excellent doctor she is today. She did her specialty in Perinatal Genetics at the National Institute of Perinatology and her master’s degree in Health Sciences at the National Polytechnic Institute. In addition, she is certified by the Mexican Council of Human Genetics. She is an active member of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), the International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis (ISPD), and the Mexican Association of Human Genetics (AMGH).

Luisa joined Fertilidad Integral because of the team, the atmosphere, and the clinic’s vision. One of the things she likes most about being here is the communication between the medical team; they know each other as people, and, although they may have different approaches, they know that they will always reach an agreement for the good of each patient. For her, the most important thing is that any treatment is focused on the patients and that they never stop taking care of the body and mind. She is grateful for the trust given to her by all those who have left their health and their future in her hands; she is honored to be able to help them.

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